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  1. yes i do i love all mangas some are:bleach,inuyasha,strawberrys,bleach,wolfs rain,dn angel and so much more
  2. Aw, I used to LOVE Sailor Moon haha
    Do you like any manga?
  3. well for anime i like bleach,naruto,ranma 1/2,tri-gun,chobits,death note,blood,blood+,zoids,wolfs rain and the list well never ends the only 2 anime i hate so far is sailormoon and dbz
  4. It's raining where I am, but it's supposed to snow soon so I'm happy ^^ haha
    So, what are your favourite anime/manga?
  5. Well its going pretty good i'd say acpte for all this snow maine has been getting lol ty for asking tho
  6. Hello, Mark. I am Mahiru. My day is going quite well, thank you ^^ And yours?
  7. hello person i never met befir i am mark and how is your day/night going so far?
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