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  1. Aww damn oh well lol
  2. I mostly bought girly things, so I doubt you'd want any... haha
  3. Now that sounds like a trip to me.What you get me ?? anything hmm o.O lol jk
  4. It was pretty awesome. I bought a lot of Asian-ish clothes (sweet!) and an awesome umbrella (to the block the sun! ((two of my friends have the same one in a different colour)) w00t!) and dragon well tea (it's famous rofl) and tons of other stuff~ Cuz everything there is so CHEAP! keke It's great~ If you ever have the chance, you should totally go. I actually liked Shanghai better than Tokyo or Osaka ^^; lol
  5. And no one thought to ask me ?? i feel so hurt......XD , How was it ???
  6. Pretty good, I just got back from China actually ^^ haha
  7. I have been doing good, how about you ?
  8. Eh? Eh? Eh? :moo: :moo: kekeke
    How you been?
  9. Ftw ?!
  10. Oh, excuses excuses Haha, just kidding~
    So, what have you been up to lately? I'm on summer break now so I've been doing absolutely nothing for the past two weeks... I feel so lazy haha
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