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  1. i wish we did thanksgiving over here but it would be thanks to the romans, vikings and saxons bringing hundreds of years of rape and pillage
  2. I've been busy... Last week all my projects were due, then over the weekend I went to a wedding (I put up 2 pictures in the gallery if you want to see) and then after Thanksgiving break I have finals @_@ haha
  3. probably but i dont go on youtube much to check, ive been good a little bored still. you?
  4. Er... I believe that's been out for a while ^^; lol

    How have you been, though?
  5. Yeah... Usually they send you an e-mail with fancy words lol
  6. well ive already applied to a whoile bunch of jobs but havent heard back. isn't it rude to not tell someone that they didnt get a job?
  7. Wow... I can't even imagine how nerve-wracking that must be >.<
    But, luckily since it's holiday season, you'll probably be able to find a job, right?
  8. anything for now just till xmas then i'll look for a job i actually want
  9. Oh! Good luck, then!! ^^ Have you applied anywhere/have any plans to apply somewhere yet?
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