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  1. trying to get a job considering its 6 weeks till christmas and i have no money
  2. It snowed once here like 2 weeks ago... and then it rained once... but for the most it's been sunny lol

    Not much, just trying to get through the rest of the school week haha So glad it's Friday!

  3. its just cold, but it does switch days on which it rains, yesterday rain today sun

    what have you been up to?
  4. Thanks

    Is it cold where you are? It keeps going back and forth here... Freezing one day, unusually warm the next. So annoying >.< haha
  5. awwww i hope you finish them all

    ive had new windows put in today so ive been sat in my flat with my coat, scarf and gloves on i was so cold
  6. I'm good, and you? ^^
    I have sooo many assignments due in school this week and the next, though @_@
  7. yea i guess that makes sense

    how are you?
  8. I don't like it, but I can see why some girls find it good. I mean... if you don't have any chance of ending up with your favourite star, than wouldn't it make you happier to see him with guys than with girls? Because if it's another guy it's weird if you get jealous over it...
  9. well then i dont get "fan service" coz i like my guys to guys not gay
  10. Eh, it's "fan service". Like Se7en & TaeBin touching eachother (if you've ever seen the videos where Se7en like has his hand up TaeBin's shirt) >.<
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