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  1. make them stop! make them stop!!!!!!!! its not funny
  2. Hahaha, I've seen that before. And I'm also sort of used to it. Boybands do that for some reason in Asia o_O Like SS501... *tear* haha


  4. Haha, so Calvin is your least favourite, too? Poor Calvin... I actually don't know anyone who likes him lol

    If you like Fahrenheit, I think the best I can recommend is K One, then ^^
  5. calvin looks a bit too girly, wu zun probably is the best, jiro does look very anime in some pictures and aaron (cant spell) is ok but theres just something about him i cant explain it
  6. All? Really? I mean, I already said which 2 I think are best, and Aaron is pretty darn cute, too, but... I don't like Calvin =/ haha
  7. why do i need to pick? they're all super cute, my fetish is pretty bad :P
  8. Hahaha. Who do you think is the cutest of them? I like Wu Zun the best, though Jiro can be so adorable and anime-like xD
  9. probably farenhiet, i have a weakness (fetish, really) for cute asian guys
  10. Oh, that's cool. Which of them do you like the best, then? ^^
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