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  1. ive just listened to some songs by jay chou, jj lin, jolin and farenhiet but they're really good thanks
  2. Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Jolin, Mayday, Fahrenheit, Alan Luo, Anson Hu, Gary Cao...

    Oo, ouch >.< Hate when that happens. I remember it actually happened to me move-in day of college last year. Luckily it was towards the end of my unpacking though haha
  3. erm i dont think so, suggest some and i'll check em out

    and i was moving one of my boxes which is plastic and the handle broke, at first i thought i had some plastic stuck in it but it was just my skin
  4. Eeek, how'd you cut it? >.<

    Btw, do you like any Chinese singers?
  5. im good but i cut my finger pretty bad yesterday i was so freaked out
  6. Yeah, but don't you agree it gets annoying after a while? My whole dorm was sick of it by May... hahaha
    I still can't believe how big "Lies" seems to be, too (the Big Bang song). I've already moved on from both of those haha

    I'm pretty good, just enjoying relaxing xD And you?
  7. well it has a catchy beat and lyrics

    so how are you today?
  8. Yeah, but it got so annoying after a while. I can't believe it's still so big after a year >.<
  9. what about "tell me"? thats a good song by them too
  10. So Hot is my favourite song of theirs. Then You're Out probably. I guess I just really liked that single haha
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