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  1. ;o Mahiru are you still around these parts ?
  2. woah.. look what the cat dragged in...

    It's been awhile Mahiru. Never thought I'd talk to you again. [HA!] ;D

    Me me? It's been to long and you want me to end this "Visitor Message short"

    I can't even say it all without breaking some limit. Gosh I could say a lot, but I got a bedtime at 12AM!

    Thats in 12 mins, trying to work a mircle here into what to say to you. Can you see there's so much and so little time.. <o_o|||> Not that you read it all. So how about narrowing your question for me. No wait maybe you won't come back, maybe I should like say all I need to say right now, or wait another year for a reply. Omgosh what to do.

    No I am just being a pain... (10 mins nao) I shop to much. I spend money to much. I want to talk my dad into giving me his benz. I know right. I want, but it's ugly in my taste, and I most likely crash it. Nevermind... I am still to scared to get my drivers thingy.. I have a permit... XD

    No no, not that (9 mins nao)

    Right now thinking about taking another trade, and "X"ing Korea off my list of places to visit, after that poor 2PM dude. No; I don't know the story, but if people can be like that, maybe I just don't need to go. Joking. I'll be there for a week buying sh*t and be gone. XD Kind of like the tourist do up here.

    Speaking of Overseas, =D I've been shopping.. for cheap too. XD heh, that sounds bad..

    Nevermind me.. ( 7 mins nao) How is Mahiru. How is life?

    Besides the man that keep trying to break the barrier of you steel plate panties. Well that's what I gathered from the guys that try to kiss you... when not kissed at. Man I would say I'd punch a guy if he tried that, but when in the situation.. I roll up into a little ball of fear, then RUN!!! [I know right] You best pity me.. I talk bad, but I get scared of "aggressive men" Chicken sh*t I are. Getting worse the older I get.

    Back to mahiru... SUP!?

    edited.. (bedtime) 12AM
  3. Males suck. They force kisses on you. Gah. lol

    How have you been, btw?
  4. buuuurrnnnn Mahiru !

    Those poor boys. Sadly before I was feeling better and when I read this comment. So I thought you were so right.

    I believe things are going better for Mahiru, and the male gender?
  5. Boys should just be shipped underground and stored there until they're needed for mating purposes -_-
  6. Drama on this end as well, and of course it's boy. Right now I am in the lab chillin, looking at creepy shit though the telly. >..<}]/// ahh!

    Inner thoughts of course. o_O Nice heariing from you Dear Mahiru
  7. Boy troubles to the max, declaring my major of study issues a bit, and looking forward to spending 2 months this summer in China~! haha

  8. |||Heh !

    What's new Mahiru?
  9. Me too haha
    I have a friend though, who doesn't. I don't get it @_@ haha
  10. Yea... I like DBSK version better. Just because of U-knows rap part. XD And the yelling.
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