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  1. You want to be a water technician? That's cool @_@ Much more complicated than anything I'd want to do haha

    Tell me what you think after you watch it, okay?? hehe
  2. You know what I mean women!~


    I am still in my first, mostly to my second. I've been working with my hands more these days, but I have to catch up in my readings. I need to pass my test. ^.^

    I am really hoping to do well in this class. Btw. I am testing waters in the city in those in the valley for fun, and to see if they live up to standards. Just a Water Techcian in the making. Booya! I thought I told you waht I was studying. =P

    Anywho! I will watch in when I come home this weekend, because here it is blocked. Youtube, and they removed flashes, like "Flash Player" and "Active X" I think. >.<

    Can't wait to get home. =3
  3. DNSK? *raises eyebrow* hahaha

    You should watch the vid. Minnie is sooo cute! haha

    Ah, what year of schooling are you in?
  4. Nope!

    Not enough time on this end. I did see some pictures which I intend to make some ... How do you say. "Skins, and Wallpapers for."

    I've been caught up in schooling. >.< I will never let my DNSK love go.
  5. You see Mirotic yet??
    New DBSK vid!!
    And Wonder Girls have a new single/MV out, too haha
  6. China was AMAZING! I bought tons of Asian-y clothes (yes!) and ate tons of yummy food (yay!) and went to fun clubs/bars~ kekeke
    How has your summer been??
  7. Yes a moose a while back. XD I recored it. Nevermind that. How was China?
  8. You saw a moose?? That's cool haha
    (I'm back from China now!)
  9. Your lucky your so very busy, I am so very bored. =] But yesterday was fun. I got to kick my little brother out, until my mom came home, and let the little bugger back in. =P I got a knew Recording Camera. HD. =P The first thing I filmed was a moose I saw outside yesterday.

    Now I am rambling. >.<
  10. I've been pretty good... Just insanely busy @_@ haha
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