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  1. Gah I see. =3...

    How ya been mahiru?

    [Look no gifs this time. can't find any.]
  2. Honestly. At school, no wireless, no problem. Home, wireless, blahhhh.
  3. Blame the wireless eh? xD Mkays.

    [Got Mix feelings on that.]
  4. What happened the other day? Did I leave suddenly? If yes, my internet died >.< I hate wireless haha

  5. Love the SNSD. Nah Joking, anywho. Sorry about the other day?
  6. Ew, I hate SNSD lol

    Haha, I'm actually rather... unenthusiastic towards any music lately. I really like this one old French song, and I like an old Eugene (from S.E.S.) song... but yeah, other than that, there are no songs I really like =/
  7. You can't be serious, after tons and tons of forcing myself to listen to many songs [In which I like now] she turns away? =;3 all kpop love are me?

    As for the trip out of US of A, Will it be UK? Or Somewhere I tend to not guess? Maybe South Korea for those breast implants?

    [/Yea I remember]
  8. I'm really not into Jpop anymore ^^;

    I'm doing well. I'm done with school! Been done for a week! Going out of the country in two weeks! AMAZINGNESS!! ahahaha *cough* Erm. Yeah.

    Ah! Have you heard Deja Vu? It's old by now, but it's SS501 ^o^
  9. o.o Oh classic you know. I was updating my computer. =P was to make a few calls today didn't.

    XD Being laazy... [/>.<ll]

    Or maybe more use for the sexy smileys as fun ^^; eh eh?

    ._. Have you head Miyavi's new song, Maybeing Kat-tun's? New's?

    But nvm that. =P How is Mahiru?
  10. K! How are you??

    Eh? 50 character? Does that mean I have to type at least 50? I guess, because I doubt they'd limit you to 50 ^o^ keke So, sweet, I have an excuse to talk even more than usual!! xD
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