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  1. Not a school-related one, at least haha I had a lot of friends who watched anime in highschool, but they were divided among like 4 schools in the area =/
  2. i know you're in college. haha, i read your profile. but anywho, i dont think there is enough of a fanbase in highschool for an anime club to float.
  3. I'm in college... lol
    Yeah, I don't think the anime club at my highschool did very well, either...
  4. i did the same when i was in high school. The club really didn't float. but ah well. There may be one in college so i might as well join it if it exists. muahaha.
  5. Eh, I'm doing pretty good haha
    I recently joined the anime club at my school~! keke
  6. i do very well! haha. yourself? (50 characters) lol
  7. Ah, thank you then! Hello, and how do you do~? ^^ haha
  8. well hey there. just dropping by to give you a greeting.
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