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  1. Well I am planning to move to a nearby town. its only a 30 minute or so drive. so its not too far away. Its just getting enough money to actually move out that is the problem.
  2. Living on your own? Oooo, exciting!! Are you planning on living in the same town as them, or a new place entirely?
  3. I am well Been working so I can move out of my parents and live on my own.

    Yeah its a new upgrade to the forum, hopefully it will replace the Zoints page that was too much hassle in my opinion. But it does look better than the zoints thing.
  4. Oh wow, I didn't even notice the profile things changed @_@ For some reason it went to my old profile last time I got the message that I had a new "visitor message"... And I was even like "What i sthat??" >.< Aiyooo~ haha

    How have you been? ^^
  5. MAHIRU!!!!!!! I've missed you!!

    I hope you are well, speak soon ok!!!
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