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  1. Yep yep, once again Lol. Another 1 in my home state Texas, yay!! XD Ya should soooo go 2 one when ya can. I'm meeting some friend at the end of Nov. for OniCon soooo that should be interesting XD
  2. *HUGS!*
    Ooo, an anime con trip? Where? I'm so jealous, I've never been to an anime con >.< haha
  3. Yay!! Welcome back Mahiru!! *HUGS* XD I'm sooooooo glad ya had fun on ur trip!!! Awesomeness!! Can't wait 2 see them! ^__^
    I've been doing...okay. Ohhhh i'm also planning another anime con trip, sooo yay!! XD
  4. Hey! I'm back now!! ^o^ keke
    CHINA WAS SO MUCH FUN! After I have a chance to upload pics to my compy, I show you some ^^
    How have you been?
  5. Mahiru!!! *HUGS* XD Heeeeeeeeeey!!! Lol XD How have ya been? It's been such along tme since we last talked lol. So was China fun? ^__^
  6. Hey Mahiru *hugs*. Got ya an update over here lol. Well the present bf and I broke up...well more like I broke up with him lol. But he understood and we're just gonna friends now. So was stressful lol. How's China so far? Havein fun? ^___^
  7. Lol yeah I do that all the time...and wake up with a back ache LOL. Yep yep lol. We have all kinds, from action 2 horror. We even have a bit of anime...but just stuff the little kiddys can watch like pokemon and such Lol. Hmm though we don't rent out "adult" videos though....that'd be werid LOL.
  8. Haha, yeah... me too >.< About 80&#37; of the time I fall asleep with my computer on top of me xD
    Ooo, that's cool. Any particular kinda movies, or just a general one?
  9. Really? Wow, i'll have 2 try that if I can't sleep later lol But I am a internet addict though LOL. It's a video store, nothin 2 special but I still love it lol.
  10. I read somewhere that light (like from a computer) keeps you awake longer. It said that, if you really want/need to sleep, turn it off for a half hour and see if that doesn't work.
    Ah, what kinda store is it?
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