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  1. thats true and that is really cool my friend (who is here whith me) wrote it down she loves it well gtg ill be on in like 30 min tho
  2. I'm also good and a bit tired. Lol I can't even remember where I had read that saying from. But I like it 'cause even if we don't think about it...we actually do smile at the worlds imperfections.
  3. omg i just saw your sig i LOVE it it's coooooooool
  4. hi Maku i am good a little tired but what else is new lol how are you?
  5. Hay there Charlee it's nice to meet you. My name's Maku. So ya doin'?
  6. hi whats up? so um friends????????????????????oh i am Charlee or CBtay01
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