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  1. I know, I know. ^^'
    Btw, happy Halloween to you XD
  2. yeah me too..
    and work and that kinda stuff..
    alot more too but that's something else..
  3. Yeah, Thanks! I have been busy for some time now... and only with school -.-
  4. Hi Ace..^_^...
    How are you doing??
    I'm okay I think..
    So was my information useful...
  5. Bye. See you later ^^ It was fun speaking to you ^^!
  6. i'm sorry..
    but i've gotta go now..
    speak you later then...
    bye bye..
  7. I do sports too..
    I do horse back riding..and you..
  8. I know what you mean... Same here too... I do sports. What about you?
  9. cool that your from norway..
    here is nothing fun going on...
    a bit boring sometimes..
  10. I'm from Norway... How is it to live there? Something fun going on or?
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