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  1. hi there..
    I'm fine today..
    I havent saw DeathNote so..
    Maybe I shall watch it sometimes...
  2. hi how are you today me i'm fine and just to let you know DeathNote is really getting good
  3. well...i'm okay...
    and thank you..
    not everyone says it..
    how are you then..???
  4. just wanted to see what was up and that you have great taste in anime
  5. well i have read the manga..
    and its not finished...
    and the anime is good..
    only the manga and the anime are different..
    so sometimes you think he its
    but it's still good...
  6. why is it a bit weird..
    D.N.Angel then..??
    Cause i dont find it weird..
  7. no...not them..
    i like more Gundam Wings and Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny...
    D.Gray-man...Devil May Cry, Black Cat, A.I.R, D.N.Angel and more..
  8. well not everyone likes it but what other anime do you like i like ah my goddess, chobits, and princess Ai
  9. i'm good and you...
    well i like cowboy bebop..
    but i dont watch hentai...
    i have seen it but not what i look for...
  10. hi i am new so whats up and do you like hentia, and cowboy bebop
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