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  1. Yeah, My bf took me out to eat and gave me a red rose it was so cute sweet and romantic I loved it it was a special day! ^^ I hope you had fun! ^^
  2. Thank you..YOu have a happy valentines day too...
    Nope dont have anyhthing plannened.
  3. Yeah, DMC it a good one I didn't get into it much but its a good anime. ^^ Happy Valentines day btw. ^^ Anything planed?
  4. I like alot of anime's
    But I like Devil may cry, Final Fantasy advent children, Zombie loan, Gundam see en gundam seed destiny, gundam wing, gundam 00 and much much more..

    Glad your doing good...
  5. I am doing good thinks I am just so happy its the weekend! ^_^
    Oh cool same here waz your fave anime?
    yey that's nice
  6. Hey Jenny,

    I'm doing fine today what about yourself?
    I watch alot of anime and read alot of manga..
    Ofcourse we could be friends..
  7. Hey mangalovertje, ^^ I'm Jenny how are you today? So what are you into doing for fun?.? anyways hope we could be friends. ^^
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