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  1. Yea, sorry for never being on, I just got bored with this site, and the internet in general. But Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.
  2. Hiya Ryano-kun..^_^...
    How are yah..??
    I'm fine...
    Uhmm...I wanna wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year...^_^

  3. I've been good, the concert was tiring but really cool. It went well. And not much, I just got back from a walk. Now I'm just chatting on myspace.
  4. Hi ryano-kun...
    How are you??
    And how did your concert go..??
    I'm fine..
    So what are you doing today..???
  5. It's the first concert of the year, and all the choir classes are performing there. My class which is said to be the top choir class, goes last.
  6. Ah cool...
    So what's about it..??
    If I may know..
  7. I'm alright, excited for my choir concert 2morrow. it will be my first.
  8. Hi there Ryano-kun...
    How are you??
    I'm okay I think..
    So how's everything hanging over there...
  9. You think you are ok? Whats wrong? (50 characters)
  10. Hi ryano-kun..
    How are you..??
    I'm okay I think..
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