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  1. yo! how are you now a days?
  2. please join the inuyasha dawn of the dragon rpg!!! how are you?
  3. >.<...okay...I will not give the shard to you...-crosses arms stubborn-...
    who do you think I am??...-laughes loudly-...nah JK...will see...
  4. Ahem! PLEASE!super - mega post (post lots!) on inuyasha our RPG so it will be lots of fun we on our last shard and you have it.rukai and i are in a race to get the last shard! thank you for your space!
  5. oh and wich vampire knight uniform for girls do you like better black, or white???
  6. manga!!!!!!!!!! how are you???
  7. Good then...-laughes-...
    Especially with our talk in Inuyasha O.O.C. chat...haha
  8. YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good to see you again as well!
  9. Yo...!!!
    -Then tackles you-...
    Good to see you again...^_^...
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