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  1. im doing good ... and what about you ? how is you part of the world?
  2. It is an option...>.<
    Hahaha..That would be funny oh well...
    So how are you..??
  3. ...awww!you can drag her around like i did with grimm...haha that was funny!
  4. Yeah...
    The RP is dying but I need blackrose-chan....
    That's why....
  5. yay!guess what we atre trying to get everyone to post lots on inuyasha rpg!
  6. ohh that was it thank you! he is funny !but kurame or what ever is name was is mean!!!!
  7. I thought..uhmm...>.<
    Ichijo or something...I dunno..>.<
  8. ohh that dude!lol he funny! whats the dude name that like broken glass??
  9. No its the red hair dude...
    The one use blood to attack...
  10. who shiki?? is he the blonde that likes broken glass that dude awesome!!
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