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  1. well that sux.u should giv one a try.its a good stratagy game....excpet FF 7irge of Cerberus,u just kik major ass with Vincent.......still a good game though.very challenging.thanx for the pic comment too.ya,im a big gundam 00 fan.exia kiks major butt!i almost cried too when lock-on died.that was crap!he is replaced by his twin in season 2 though......its not the same but o well.
  2. Hehe..Yeah I really like vincent..
    And no didnt play any games of it..
    Watched all the anime...
  3. eh,im bored too.doing schoolworki c ur a final fantasy fan.....and that u luv vincenthave u played any of the games?
  4. Hey..^_^...
    thanks for your message...
    Yeah I'm still bored...Dont know why either...
    How are you..??
  5. lol.well,i was here just to make a new friend but if ur really that bored, ill talk to u
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