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  1. Chinese made Austrian-style sausages? Well, that sounds very interesting. Gotta try this once!
    To be honest, I'm actually more the manga reader. So the only anime I'm watching at the moment is Cowboy Bebop. Really good series, in my opinion.
    I also watched Naruto, but stopped it ... it was boring after some time.
    My favorite would be Afro Samurai. Crazy style.
  2. Ah! Austria! I love the way you prepare sausages in Austria... Makes for very fine dining. And so rich, too! Though I am not so sure as well if you would find our Austrian-style sausages here to your liking, LOL.

    And since this is an anime-themed forum, which anime series do you follow as of the moment?
  3. Sounds meh.
    No, I'm not from America ... Austria, Vienna to be more precise. You know that place? Lots of chinese restaurants to find there. And it's very tasty from what I've eaten so far. However I don't believe it tastes the same as it does in China.
  4. Sometimes cold, sometimes not. Whatever the case, the food still remains as tasty as ever. And you, you are from America?
  5. Yeah, you know, he might've been a bit offended by some of your statements, as they clearly differ from most of us here ...
    But a bit of humor is never bad I guess.
    And I'm fine actually, internet sucks a bit atm. How are you doing? How's it in China?
  6. Yes. It is a sad thing that our fellow who goes by the name of Scourge does not see things our way... What he needs is a sense of humor, maybe. How do you do right now?
  7. So this is what is called the "first post"...

    I believe that ideological differences should not interfere with the flourishing of a friendship... Shall we be friends, comrade?
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