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  1. sorry its late byt merry xmas to u too and yah i have been on face book do u have a face book?
  2. Yeah I wouldn't want to go by myself either. oh I know its early but merry Xmas and happy new year! oh and do you have a facebook?
  3. yah you should go if u get the chance i to have never been to one but im hopeing to meet some people soon that would like to go as well because i woulddnt want to go alone
  4. awesome Ive been wanting to go to one and my friend has been wanting to take me as well but we never got to.
  5. thanks i was thinking to get my hair cut with bangs so i could be a good hinata cosplayer incase i go to anime north this year (anime convention)
  6. Yes, you do look like here.
  7. thanks ur very kind do i kinda look like the hinata pic that i have up as my display pic here?
  8. Thanks mere your very Pretty btw
  9. yah thats me no worries u chose the right person good job btw
  10. I think I've found you so I send you an add...That would be funny if I send it to the wrong person.
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