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  1. yah i do have my space look for Mackenzie Scott lol ill have to c if i still kno my passy and stuffs lol i should check that out but i missed talking to you too
  2. I glad you do remember me. I've miss talking to you. Iam doing ok just visiting relitives. do you have a my space?
  3. yah of course i remember you its been quite some time im glad to see you again ^^ and pretty good still on summer brake so im happy but hows it going with u?
  4. Hey mere do you remember me? Hows it going??
  5. yes i have one of them and small ones an tiny ones as well. y i does it say iam a newbie?
  6. wow those are really really good ..and they giant ones too they are huge lol
  7. Lucky... I had jaw breakers
  8. yep yep sure is ^^ i got to eat chocolate yesterday too it was cool
  9. oh ...thats awesome.
  10. im doing good i met a lot of really great ppl lately im pretty happy about that and im fine ^^ and talking to you another cup of coffee and i would call this a near perfect day
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