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  1. I'am fine LOL Iam ok..just looking at your pics..
  2. pretty good... found out that one of my friends is in the hospital now with a blood clot... kinda sad but he'll be fine...other then that im pretty good.... how are you doing tho..?
  3. Teachers day. So how are u today?
  4. he he he yay that's awesome.... y do u get off on friday..?
  5. I dont go on friday too
  6. lol ^^ i got today off.... or you could say i skipped with permission lol he he he i get tomorrow off too....kinda cool
  7. Your welcome
  8. ok thanks ^^ lol.... im grateful for that much
  9. I will
  10. i'll try to i suppose it wouldn't hurt to do that much sepecialy if it mean u'll take care of urself
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