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  1. your very welcome.. ^^ so btw what kind of music do u like the best?
  2. Yes,Nice to see you too. Thanks for the add
  3. hello ^^....
    lol it's nice to see you again today...
  4. Hello again
  5. byes it was nice talking to you and i'd like to do it again sometime if you would like ^^
  6. Gtg Bye
  7. awww.... poor little kitty... he he your so powerful ...that's sick.. i do feel bad for the cat tho lol i bet he didn't even c it comeing
  8. Yeah there is a story behind that..You see one day it was windy and I was just looking out side and saw a cat so I said sand coffin sand wraped around the cat by the wind pushing it an before I said sand burial an suv hit the cat...Sad, it died.
  9. wow... seriously.. gaara is awesome... he he lol there a reason for your friends calling u this or ..just a cool nickname ?
  10. Hahahaha...My name is martin but my friends call me gaara...
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