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  1. you type tour words then hold the space bar and put the last thing you were gonna type and your good
  2. do reply less,it will not let do you do it?
  3. nice.
  4. Haha thats awesome,I did the same but had lots of soda Heheha and candy.
  5. i stayed up till midnight and before midnight i got drunk off apple cider! i was laughing hard
  6. Oh,you sure have alot of friends.What did you do for new years?
  7. being me i am usualy entergetic and inherited her moms bad spelling when not going slow enough to see what im typing!
  8. its good to here from you again:0 Iam doing alright...kind of tired.
  9. same as the last message i sent you.
  10. :XThanks for the add:0 So how are you today tokini?
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