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  1. Heyy wassup...long time no speaky ...
  2. for real! school never do dat, instead the rules r simple...
    1st is a warning
    2nd is taken away by teacher until da bell rings u cn get it back
    3rd is taken away by a dean n ur parents have to get it after da school is over
    4th if dis continue they will keep ur phone until da 2nd semester
  3. nope...he can keep it 4 up 2 30 days by the rules....i think its bull
  4. u hate da principle cuz he took ur phone..did he ever give it back to u??
  5. he took my phone.... .
  6. well good luck wit dat..n why dnt u like da new principal
  7. it was skool...way 2 many new rules...i dont like the new princible
  8. was it fun..boring..anything new or changed??,,tell me more details..
  9. ok....i started skool 2day .
  10. long story..i don't really want to explain it..srry
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