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  1. I went to my next class and now I am using my ipod. Talk to u wensday.
  2. lol where did you go???? lol
    lol i have to leave in a few mins cuz my class is almost over but ill talk to you again on wednesday unless we have testing lol^^
  3. I'm back. lol. .
  4. oh alrighty then lol ttyl when your back online lol^^ bye
  5. Oh. g2g ttyl8r. .
  6. i just didnt have time like i used to just like i used to write poems all the time but i had too much to do but yea i get em posted every once in a while lol
  7. I can be when i try. lol Why did u stop? ?
  8. oh ok cool^^ are you a good artist? lol
    i used to be able to draw a few years ago lol
  9. Well there is some rocks and a sky. .
  10. oh ok just a lake or are you drawing something else that goes around it, in it, above it? etc lol
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