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  1. well that is good to hear so i haven't been on much i been really busy with school and everything i haven't had much time to get on the computer much any more.
  2. yea but im gettin through it .
  3. o.o wow that is a long drive you have. Your dad passed...... oh my i am so sorry to hear that..... you ok?
  4. its about a 13 or 14 hour drive and well my dad passed
  5. oh ok so how far a drive is it???? so anything new going on????
  6. 2 arkansas .
  7. oh ok kool were to? umm right now checking e-mail and getting ready to go have lunch shortly.
  8. jus getting ready 2 move wbu? ?
  9. n/p so anything new been up with you lately?????????????????
  10. thanks and yea it sucks .
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