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  1. awwww that suck sounds bad..... i hate when ppl makes rasis comments it just pisses me off i can't stand it. aww a girl played you..... thats cold that really had to suck.... sorry to hear that...
  2. well i dont even kno where 2 start....people and there stupid rasis comments...i dont wanna move 4 my senior year..a girl played games with me....
  3. oh waz worng if you don't mind me asking??????????
  4. no its cuz people and problems... ... ... .
  5. so why you not doing so hot? is it because u have ta be in school a lil morez? XD oh man that has to suck... i would hate that.
  6. thats ausome...and im not doing to hot..but u guys get out on the 27....we have 2 go until june 11
  7. camping was looks of fun! ^_^ i'm doing goodz how are you doing?.? i soooo can't wait for school to be over~!~ on the 27! i'm going to my fiances place and stay till july5th!
  8. hey jenny im good and my weekend was blah boring...but how are you today?
  9. hi markeith kool. so how are you today? did chu have a nice weekend?
  10. hey im markeith and sure we can be friends ^_^ xD
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