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  1. yah i heard it wuz scaryer then the exercist!!
  2. yea it is a bit like it...but u should c it soon...cuz it is good
  3. yes i suppose but i did see this one trailer on tv and it was just a bit simaler to it
  4. haha......i guess ull just have 2 wait :P .
  5. ooommmgggg!!!!!!i just must must must see that movie ill do anything!!!!!!!....well ok not anything but most things
  6. lols...i live in michigan...its not as scary...but its close
  7. that would b cool^^tehelolz where do u live??and u must tell me-was that movie as scary as every one say it is??
  8. lols...i saw tht twice :P...and i dont like chemistry so u can take it 4 me
  9. omg i wish i had chemistry! i have biology and cant take it next semester cause i go to take biology 2 so any ways latly ive just been hangin wit my friends trying to find a way 2 go c paranormal activity
  10. so wht u been up 2? ???
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