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  1. Yeah I know. I made the wagon heading toward the village, so we'll be their after we've finished. I also found some elixers, currency, and scrolls and we split them.
  2. ok we have to deal with the bandits first then we can get there
  3. Dark Knight Seldom wants us to meet him in the next village. I replied.
  4. Yeah i will i was just woderig where you going with it
  5. You can be caught too. I kinda hinted that in my post. If you don't want to then I could just make a side-charecter in their with me.
  6. lol yeah not as much of a fan of it and also where you going with tthe bandits part are we both caught or what
  7. Some navy men came to my school today and we did some workouts that Navy men do. It was pretty cool. I love physical
  8. lol you can i am just there to break his bones its the fun part of it
  9. Nothing much. It's 12:44pm here. Of course torture is jk Anyway, I was thinking the Captain should actually be dead, but his body is being manipulated by... something.
  10. WHats up and i can see that though first we get to tourter people witch is always fun
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