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  1. Hi. Good evening. I replied to the RP. A spar is coming up between us.
  2. I understand. I'm wondering who the other Warriors are gonna be. Their are supposed to be 8 of us, but we only have 5. Also, I'm trying to spar with everyone at least once.
  3. lol yeah i might just have nekris observe but the he does have a personilty like Kenpachi in bleach and loves the fight so who knows for now he will observe and yeah it would be nice to spar
  4. I don't know about the entrance though Dark Knight Seldom seemed intent on him and I fighting the beast. We were also talking about having mini stories, or side stories/missions. Anyway, we should spar later on in the RPG. That'd be awesome.
  5. lol yeah i was gettign there to see the fight i might make an epic entrence
  6. Cool, you should make an epic entrance. Have you read our last couple of posts? We're fighting a Darkling.
  7. not much i am following behind you guys i belive i am wondering around the alleys right now that i know
  8. What's up? Where are you at in the RPG? Sorry I left, I went to help Dark Knight Seldom.
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