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  1. YO!!!! WUZ UP!!!! Sooooo i havent been on in awhile and i just am glad to be back on!!! -dances like michale jackson- HEHE!!!! -leans- AH YEA!!!!!!! XD
  2. Hi i havent been on in a very long time and im sorry im a horrible person...
  3. Get your sorry butt online or im gonna swim my happy butt to that navy ship and tickle you to death!!!! Xd
  4. Wow actually I was just about to say I had to go cause I got school tomorrow. And itts ok have fun at work and ill think of u trust me you don't gotta worry about that and hopefully love you bye byes
  5. Hehehehe and sush ur still the most amazing guy ever heheheehehehheh
  6. Hehehe ok *smilz and gigglz* oh really and of course I am I'm now wit the most amazing guy in the world hehe
  7. Do you want to be with me???? Heheh I'm not use to asking guys I'm usually asked *blushes*
  8. Ill try baby ill try and oh Trojan man keeps asking if me and you are together heheh *blushes*
  9. No my room is sound proof I play the guitar so yea ahahah they got tiered of hearing so the sound proofed my room and *kisses back*
  10. Yes yes I would be heeehehehehehe and yes thank god I can't take him anymore *sighs and hugz u*
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