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  1. Its ok haha it was kinda funny *giggles and smilz* my best friend lexie is sleeping over my house tonight! iz so happy!!!! Hehehee so watcha wanna talk about
  2. Good morning i slept ok it could have been better but it as t least a half way decent sleep and lol and you cat is mean no to let you sleep the entire time
  3. Good morning marine how did you sleep last night??????? * smilz* my cat jumped on my stomach in the middle of the night XD
  4. lol it would be interesting to hear and ok sleep well good night and all that **huggles back**
  5. Awwwwwwww :'( and yea haahhah but I hate my giggle its so girly which is soooooo not me!!! But imma go to sleep cause I'm fallin asleep and I don't want to be rude and fall asleep on ya so good nighr sweet dreams *huggles u*
  6. Yeah i am away for at least another 4 months and i wouldnt know having never acctually heard you giggle lol
  7. Thx hahaha aww ur so ar away ha idk I always giggle its so much fun hehehe my friends think my giggle is cute
  8. Lol then i would give you well if i wasnt half way across the world that is and why are you still giggling?
  9. I love hugz!!! Hahaha *can't stop giggling* hhehhehe well now I want a hug from you!!!
  10. lol what are you smilieing and giggling at then i woudl give you hug mainly because you seem to want it
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