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  1. Mhm and ur such a good person hehehehe *smilz and giggles* hugz usually keep me warm hahaha
  2. lol hugs are always good and i dont like seeing people go cold i natrally have a tolernce for the cold so i dont mind helping others
  3. I woild let you causei love hugs heeheeee and thx buddy ur awesome
  4. Lol hug you only if you let me other then that i would let you borrow my leather trench coat witch is nice and warm
  5. Yea I got my fuzzy blanket haha thx for ur concern bu out of curiosity how would you help? What woul you hug me?
  6. lol yeah and aww wish i could help dont you have more blankets or something to put on to warm yourself
  7. Awwwz thx buddy hee and thx I will hahaa its cold in my house I hate it :/
  8. Lol no you can win trust me most males will always loose to females just renember that and you will do fine lol
  9. Fine you win hahahaha XD jeez I can't win anymore I really need to choose my battles wisely haaha
  10. lol you want to argue that hell i pretty much watch all the science shows and my tv never leaves Sci-Fi or history channel and then also i know more about the past and history then most people do
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