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  1. Ya wanna bet! I bet I am a bigger dork then you are cause remember I'm the Doctor who freak I know evrything alot about Doctor who hehehe.
  2. Lol yeah it seems that for most people that is the sure sign of being a nerd for me and doubt you can more of a dork then i can be
  3. Thanks but i am sometimes hahahha XD and that's a good talent haha
  4. lol your not a dork and my talents seem to be more around being able to discover something scientificly and do cemical concotions and stuff.
  5. Ok hehe *giggles amd smiles* awesome I can't wait. I bet its really good everyone has there own special talent. I feel like such a dork hehehe
  6. Lol maby you can its been awhile sice i wrote i left my notepad at home when i came on this deployment and really havent been in the mood to write since i might though when it comes towards the end of this deployment.
  7. Yes they are and thankies hehe and it never hurts to try it haha oh cool I write short stories too and I draw/paint haahaha if you don't mind id like to hear one of your short stories if its ok with you
  8. Copy rights are asome and its a god poem i would never be able to write anythign like that though main things that i can do is write some short stories even those are only ok
  9. I wrote the poem for my dad and I have copy rites on it!!!!!! ©
  10. Daddys girl
    as a young girl I grew up 5 years without a daddy
    I was never called daddys gir
    till that one day
    mom meet you at work
    I still hadn't felt like daddys girl
    I thought our father daughter relationship woild never work
    "your not my dad" is what I thought
    But you never let that stop you
    Even though I wasent your girl you still treated me like it
    you loved me no matter what
    you cared for me no matter what
    you adopted me finally makeing me your little girl
    I thank you for makein me feel special
    I thank you for not letting me live the rest of my life without a daddy
    I thank you for loving me
    I know that if you were never in my life I woildnt be able to make it
    your my daddy forever and always
    my story is the same except for one tiny detail
    it might not matter to most people
    but it means the world to me
    I may not be your little girl anymore
    thamk you for makeing me daddys girl
    ill alws be daddys girl
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