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  1. Lol i hae tried before but it didnt work so well and if you want i wouldnt mind to read your poetry
  2. Ok I've been trying so hard to get something poetrywise done oh and I bet if u tryed being poetic u might be good at it my friends say I'm the next female less creepy edger allen poe hahahahaha it makes me feel special if u want I can post up one of my poems for you but only if u like
  3. lol it doesnt and taht sounds amazing i choose not to do poetry because i am not very poetic
  4. Ok haha as long as it dosent bother you ME TOO!!!!! Oh today in school I convinced my lang arts teacher to haave open mic Friday I get to read some of my poetry I'm so happy
  5. Lol its ok you can ask any questions taht you want and yes i happen to like it
  6. Waitt thatt last thiing was a question oppps heehee
  7. Dude that's epic!! Hahaha!!!!! Well ok now I have no more questions so what's up??? Do you like the movie Jaws?????
  8. Lol yeah we have computers and internet for multiple reasons one to do our jobs and also so we can talk with famliey and firnds back home also so we all dont go insane out of bordem
  9. you said you were on a ship so do they have computers on there?????
  10. true very true haha and umm your a marine but how can hyou get on the computer im very confuzzled. haha plz help me
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