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  1. lol i woudl leave taht up to you *pulls you around and hugs you*
  2. Yea I know and I could but I might or might not? hehehehe *giggles and barys my face in ur back*
  3. wow that is really weirdfor him to do that and you know you could change that with pictures lol the lucky part that is lol
  4. OMG!!!! ok I was laying on the floor and my cousin katy triped dropping her cake into my hair and I got iceing in my hair so I went into the bathroom to get a shower an my 17 year old male cousn followed me and I didn't know becausehe hid behind this huge plant we have in there and watched me take a shower!!!!! MY COUSIN!!!! *cringes and hides behind u is terrified* I feel so violated and I didn't find out till I caught him after I got out with a towl barley around my body! He was luckier then you've been so far!!!!!
  5. lol sure you didnt have to go through them lol and who knows what you did with that stuff
  6. Wow and I still have all the messages from last night and I just went through them plus I'm like going insane over here don't ask but I am! Again I blame you!!!!!! *tackls u andpins you to the floor*
  7. Lol yeah you enjoy it and how are you getting with out us even talking about stuff
  8. Yes it is!!!! I blame you for all of it!!!!!!! And I always want you here exspecially now! *giggles and bites my bottom lip*
  9. lol so you are and it is very awakward aint it and you know want me there
  10. Ummmmmmm.........*looks away akwardly* hehhehe ummmmmm *smilz* I blame you!!!!
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