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  1. aww i am sorry i cant be there and you still need to send a picture you should send one in that dress or something or what every you want
  2. But it really sucks cause I don't have anyone to go with your not here :c
  3. Awww I know it sucks *pouts cutely* hehehe omg I had to get a dress for some stupid dance at school its a valentines dance an my moms makeing me go and my dress is a short black dress strap less with red lace heheh I love the dress I'm actually wearing it write now showing some friends
  4. *Wraps my arms around you and kisses back* just cant do any naughty stuff
  5. Nah we can try tomorrow haah but I'm still gonna flirt wit you cause I don't care what anyone says *wraps my arms around ur neck and kisses u* hehe
  6. hmm you can keep trying and get it to work or just make a new one works to
  7. Ugh my email isn't working!!!! God I think electronics hate the both of us!!!!!! *pouts in a corner*
  8. no i cant and i can send them though its wierd lol
  9. Wait can u read ur pm's???? I'm so confuzzled!!!!!
  10. i pmed you i got multiple ones but i sent you one that we shall use right now lol
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