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  1. I did no such thing!!!! Your horrible hehehehe and what's ur email??????
  2. lol yeah and who knows what you did while thinking of me lol and sure email me i will pm my email to you
  3. Idc and heheheheheh andyea I know I'm such a querry dork. You can tell me da truth hahaha but ya love me and ya know it!
  4. lol i will leave it up to you if you want to use email and wow really
  5. Only if u want to hehehe and oh k and yes I haven't been able to get you out of my mind all day hehhhe *giggles and smilz evily*
  6. lol if we wanted to talk about waht we talk about in private there are emails i just want to know what you said and for those notifiactions to go aways and no you never told me that
  7. Huh?? Sorry I'm not exactly payin attention my knee started bleeding again and it burns like crazy btw did I ever tell you that just knowing ur a marine turns me on
  8. lol its acctualy juston principle now i mean we could always use email if we wanted i just want to on princible so it will stop telling me i have notifications
  9. No need to be sorry baby hehehehe and aww u really want to see ur pm's heheehehehe dang
  10. im sorry you can blame my net i am fighitng it but it doesnt want to work
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