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  1. But I'm nott cause I can get u to do surprising things and maybe I am *traces ur pants button* hehe
  2. yes i am sure and how could you do taht and you are enjoying this arnt you
  3. Ooh u sure?? I ccan get u to do a lot of things and yes I am and all I gottta say is oh baby hehhe
  4. lol i dont blusht that much and oh now yoru laying on top of me no complaints here from that
  5. Its fuun to blush heheehe and I know it is more fun *lays on top oof u and smilz* hello hehehehee
  6. lol so no why you lushing and and that is true it is more fun
  7. Hehehe *blushes and giggles* oh andi don't mind its more fun when its rough heehe
  8. lol i figured you couldnt and lol that does suck you might get thrown i tend to thrash when being tickled
  9. Yes I do I can't deny it hehehhe *giggles* and hmmm u are *tickles u*
  10. lol true true and lol you like that dont you ad it tickles though i am kinda of ticklish
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