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  1. Yea I know but no one is ever gonna find out hehehe *giggles and pokes ur chest* oww dang ur chest is hard hehehe
  2. lol yeah but then only arrested when people find out lol all that stuff you still got me pinned by the way
  3. Well I could do a lot of things but considering that ur 21 I can't I don't want u gettin arrested hahahah hehehe
  4. Oh really now what you going to do now htat you got me pined to the floor
  5. Uh I'm insulted u would think that *tackles u and pins u to the floor* nah nah nah nah nah!!!! *giggles*
  6. Lol i knwo it was your fault dont try to hide that it wasnt
  7. I have to say this "I didn't bomb thie U.S IT WAS RUSSIA!! I swear!!! Hahahaahaha jk
  8. Well i will leave this one up to you just to see and **huggles back**
  9. Never EVER leave anything up to me it willl only end in disaster!!! You can ask anyone *huggles u*
  10. Lol it would be and that is good that you are happy and idk i leave that up to you
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