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  1. i like death note too cool what is Trinity Blood and i like Cowboy Bebob.... what is and Outlaw Star anyways how are you doing?
  2. Death Note is good my favorites are the gundams, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebob, and Outlaw Star
  3. okay my favorite Anime series is death not and all kinds of different anime series what about you?
  4. yep i know it is so hard to figure out what to say sometimes...
  5. Haha yeah it is allways hard to figure out what to say. So what are you favorite Anime series.
  6. well i did not know what else to say..yes it was to make the length
  7. yes i did and that is alot of of question marks. It was to make the lenghth wasnt it.
  8. i hope the pain in your leg goes away.............................and i am fine thanks did you add me???????????????
  9. Hello Sabrina my name is Zachary and sure am fine besides a pain in my leg how about yourself
  10. my name is Sabrina and i am 18 do you want to be friends........... and how are you
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