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  1. Yes i do like Fallen Angels and that is a good album me though demons are asome and stuff to or dark nights
  2. do u like fallen angels?... if so u should cheek out my new album... got to go soon... have to cheer tonight....
  3. lol and yeah for me at least it was not the best choice but then it has been problem after problem for me lol yeah and deployments suck
  4. that is soooooo true! oh i was reading ur about me and my friend randy joined the marines last year!
  5. lol or everonce in a while depends on weather you feel like caring that preticular day or not lol
  6. cool. i gusse u do learn something new every day! or with me every week!lol
  7. lol yeah most are called that even then you have subclasses between real and fake robots lol.
  8. good. and i know iv been meaning to go on but iv never found the time. oh i just joined the mecha group. i did not know thats what the robot anime was called!
  9. lol no problem and welcome been back been awhile since you have been on how you been
  10. hey its me agine and thanks for joining my group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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