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  1. well, what kind of character did you have in mind? I'd have to borrow my roommate's scanner, but I'm sure it'd be okay with her.
  2. i could use your help, i need someone to draw a character, that is if you can and want thanks Megsaturn
  3. no kiddin'. i'm more drawn to the manga than anything. the japanese version of the anime is okay, but the english dub sucks. they did okay for shippuden in anime though.
  4. ya, i like drawing, especially during class. believe it or not, it actually helps me concentrate. and i do it so often that it helps me improve. i'm totally a deidara fan. sakura's pretty cool; naruto's my favourite character who's still alive.
  5. hi, how're you? i'm japxican. i'm a naruto fan, what about you?
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