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  1. Ah no, I can't view the Flea Market, but it seems I can post. Well, anyway. xD
  2. You were not able to post where exactly? In the FleaMarket?
  3. Turns out I can't... since I'm back as a Newbie. hm...
  4. Well I'm about to end my first year (I transferred from Architecture School). I'm now studying Graphic Design. Some twist of fate. hehe How are you? Hope you guys are doing fine. :> (I'll be posting something up about a charity auction soon)
  5. Hi, how is college treating you?
  6. Happy Christmas! May everything be well on your side~ ^^
    My best regards to all of you guys
  7. ...and happy holidays!
  8. That's the reason for your visit?
    Good day then : )
  9. I guess so.. well, AO told me to change passwords so I did. XD
  10. Is this just another one of your temporarily rare log-ins?
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