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  1. no im looking for full time employment im done with homework and coursework
  2. Ahhh... So are you planning on repeating them, then?
  3. no you can repeat them as many times as you want, but when you hit 20 you have to start paying for some courses
  4. Ahh... And if you fail them, there's not second chance?
  5. oh its a 2 year course you do after highschool, its like a must do now must jobs require them
  6. What are levels? o_O I don't know how your school system works ^^;
  7. yea im not at school i finished my a levels this year, failed im rubbish at tests and essays
  8. So you don't go to school? Or do you mean part-time jobs?
  9. oh with my mom

    im just waiting on calls about jobs but im going to see them if they dont call
  10. Oh, you rent? That's cool. By yourself, or...?

    School's okay. I have a lot of assignments due this week, but after that the semester is almost over ^^ keke

    And you?
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