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  1. the people i rent off pay for it, how's school going for you?
  2. You didn't pay for it? Then who did? o_O
    And yes, I hate that. Cuz I mean, it's a tough decission... don't wait and pay more, or wait and pay less?? o_o haha
  3. it would be if i paid for it but i didn't, its kinda like when dvds come out e.g. harry potter, you buy the first one and the last one just to find the boxset with all 4 conme out a month later for less money
  4. Eek, that's unfortunate. It's like they work in conjunction with the plumbing people... The windows are broke, so they fix those but break the toilet so you still end up paying more money... It's a conspiracy, I tell you!! >.>
  5. idk how excately they just used to toilet and the next time i went in i noticed it was broken
  6. But... how? lol If they were near the windows, I'm confused o_O
  7. they broke something inside the tank so it kept filling with water
  8. Eh? How in the world did they break the toilet? o_O??
  9. omg the stupid window fitter people have broke my toilet so till monday when it should get fixed i have to pour water down it to flush it
  10. I should do that, but my parents won't let me get one =/ They're like "focus on your studies!" *rolls eyes* haha
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