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  1. i read mostly short romance stories but ive read some jane austin, charles dickens. i really like to read plays as well particually shakespeare
  2. So besides manga, what sorts of books do you find yourself reading?
  3. just books in general, tho i mostly read only manga now
  4. Besides textbooks and things that don't come with manga-style pictures? If you're thinking of manga, I think the last one I've read was Shugo Chara. Cutesy stuff when I'm bored. More serious stuff when I'm deep in thought, like Spice and Wolf. And things in between when I'm feeling in-between, like the-overrated-not-great-just-nice Haruhi Suzumiya books.

    Or did you mean non-manga books?
  5. yep i read mostly shoujo, what about you? what do you read?
  6. Is that the one with the summary that goes

    "This sweet shoujo series is by Rie Takada. The story revolves around a innocent naive schoolgirl, Yume, who falls in love with a gorgeous ex-Yankee, Shoubu (laughs... *Can you imagine their compatibility?*) Meanwhile, Yume's best friend, Roko, falls for Shoubu's best friend, Yuuji who is a playboy. And the story starts rolling from there. *grins* I've found this book sweet, funny and touching. ^0^ ogles at all the bishies."

    Or was it something else?
  7. oh its a manga i was suggested and its really good
  8. I'm reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. They say it's philosophical. Whether it makes sense or not, I'll find out when I'm through.

    What's "heart"?
  9. well im watchin tsubasa chronicles rite now and reading heart

  10. It rains. A lot. More than it should. I hate it when the water seeps into my shoes and gets my socks all squishy... But why bother, I'm pretty used to it anyways.

    What keeps you busy these days? I sure miss flashchat. A LOT.
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